The chapel is open all year round for private prayer and pilgrimage. Organised pilgrimage groups are requested to book in advance here

Weekly Mass

Each Saturday of the year the Vigil Mass of Sunday is celebrated at in the Shrine at 4pm.  (There is also Holy Mass celebrated each Sunday in the Village Church at 8.45am. On Holy days of obligation there is a Mass celebrated in the Village at 7pm.)

Before the Vigil Mass at the Shrine there is Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament from 3pm – 3.45pm with Sacrament of Reconciliation available also.


Feasts and Lady Days celebrated at the shrine during 2018

Monday January 1: Lady Day – Mary, Mother of God

10.30am        Rosary
11am               Mass

Friday March 30: Good Friday

10am–noon  Stations of the Cross Pilgrimage

Sunday April 8: Divine Mercy Sunday

3pm Mass

Monday April 9: Lady Day – Annunciation

1.30pm          Rosary
2pm                 Mass

Wednesday June 27: Lady Day – Our Mother of Perpetual Help

1.30pm          Rosary
2pm                 Mass

Sunday August 12: Annual Diocesan Assumption Pilgrimage

Saturday September 8: Lady Day – Birthday of Our Lady

11.30am       Rosary
Noon              Mass

Saturday October 7: Annual Rosary Pilgrimage – Our Lady of the Rosary

1.30pm         Begins
3pm                Mass

Wednesday November 21: Lady Day – Presentation of Our Lady

1.30pm          Rosary
2pm                 Mass

Saturday December 8: Lady Day – Feast of the Immaculate Conception

11.30am       Rosary
Noon               Mass

Please note: subject to change

Monday December 24: Nativity of Our Lord 

Wednesday December 26: Cathedral Saint Stephen’s Day (Boxing Day) Pilgrimage